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United Way Partner

VinE is proud to be a partner of the United Way of Northeastern Minnesota.  To learn about other ways you can help the children in our community succeed Click Here.

Northland Foundation Winter Newsletter

VinE continues to receive support from the Northland Foundation, including a recent grant to help fund the creation of our new Tutor Training Program. Check out their article featuring VinE in 2017’s Winter Newsletter.

Northland Foundation Grant Recipient

VinE was awarded a Northland Foundation grant in January 2017 to further develop our tutor training program and continue to improve the services we offer to students. We are grateful for their support!

Eveleth Community Foundation Grant Recipient

VinE was awarded a grant by the Eveleth Community Foundation in October 2017. Visit their site to learn more about the support this foundation gives to local projects.

Northland Foundation Annual Report

VinE was honored to have been featured in the Northland Foundation’s Annual Report.
You can view that report here:

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Northland Foundation Winter Newsletter

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Testimonials & Accomplishments

When three students were sent to work with me at the table in the back of the classroom, one student quickly put his head down on the table and said “I’ll take the incomplete. I don’t feel like doing it”.
Being initially startled, after a few moments, I replied to him “Sometimes, the hardest part of any task is just getting started.” I also repeated slowly, “All things are difficult before they are easy” (a quote from
Thomas Fulle). “Let’s just look at the first problem and see what we can do”. He raised his head slowly and I started reading the problem. He grudgingly took hold of his pencil. From there one little simple
question about the problem was asked and answered. It then led to another and another and soon the first math problem was solved. “Alright, we got the right answer, let’s try another.” He sat a little
higher in his chair now and with help successfully solved another. “Good thought process!” The third problem he did on his own and then quickly did the next six and surpassed the others in
completing the assignment. For that little bit he had a spark and I think he felt good about it. I know I did.

-Robert Finc, volunteer

volunteer and studentMy heart did a dance the other day when I walked into the classroom and the children all smiled and cheered.

-Barb Etter, a volunteer

The kids enjoy the one-on-one time. It helps get them excited about reading. With the volunteer we can have more time for hands-on projects that wouldn’t work before.

-A 2nd Grade teacher

I found the Volunteers in Education program to be a great success. The students liked the one-on-one time. That really helps with reading.

-A Kindergarten Teacher

[The volunteer] works one-on-one with a 10th grade student. The student looks forward to working with him. Before we had the volunteer, the student was failing now he is getting a positive grade, and handing in his assignments.

-A High School Science Teacher:

Mrs. Jordan, you’ve changed me.  I used to hate math, now I love it.

-A 9 year old student

VinE is helping to support the academic lives of students in the Cherry, Northeast Range, North Woods, South Ridge,  Tower-Soudan, Nell Shean, Franklin Elementary, and Eveleth-Gilbet Junior High schools.  Thank you for your time and endorsement.