Connecting Communities and Our Schools

Friends and Neighbors-


What an amazing year we have just wrapped up!  In the 2015-2016 school year, VinE helped 435 students through the work of 88 committed volunteer tutors.  We are looking forward to keeping this momentum going in the 2016-2017 school year.

This summer we held our first ever VinE Ducky Race as a fundraiser for our program and staffing.  Visit our events page to learn about our results!

VinE is committed to working with our schools to help students get the additional one on one or small group time they need to succeed.  Our mission is to “engage the community in the education of its students, supporting their growth and preparing them for productive citizenship.”  VinE Coordinators match trained volunteers with students based on teacher requests.  If you know of a student that would benefit from a tutor, please contact your school’s Site Coordinator or go to the Contact Us page for more information.

Currently, VinE is providing volunteers for the Cherry, South Ridge, Northwoods, Northeast Range, Tower-Soudan, and Eveleth-Gilbert schools.  Volunteers range in age from 15-86 and possess a variety of experience and skills.  Our tutors may help a student that is temporarily behind or consistently work with a student that needs additional time in a given subject.  Tutors work with small groups or with individuals.  However a tutor contributes, she or he is working for the betterment of our entire community.


Together with teachers, VinE is helping our students gain the skills they need to exceed in school and in our world.  Through tutoring, we are fostering a joy of learning, a community connection to our schools, and an environment of healthy relationships where students feel thmarybarattaat adults in their community truly care about them and how they are doing.

Our community’s future depends on our students.  Their future depends on us.

You can be part of this work by volunteering your time or by making a tax deductible financial contribution.

For more information, please contact us by calling 218 404 5742 or emailing

Thank you for being part of our mission!

Cassandra Hainey

Program Director